Turkish Caves

One of the resort's distinctive facilities is the rocky cave through which runs a 12-meter long tunnel which leads to another 10-meter tunnel. Inside this cave, there is a warm-water pool, a Turkish bath, a Jacuzzi, Finnish Sauna as well as highly-equipped physiotherapy rooms. The cave is lit by an appropriate network which maintains its historic indication as it is a bathing system used in old ages.

One of the resort's wonders is the Turkish cave which has been carved and designed by Palestinian sculptors. A look at this cave takes you back to old ages to feel that you have the history right there. The cave extends more than 80 meters into the mountain with a fifteen meter high rocky roof. The sculpture was not an easy job as it took a year and a half. The surprise of the cave is greater because of the cavern in the middle with a crater one and a half meter in diameter from which runs a rainfall. Different colors of light are focused on the waterfall reflecting a magnificent image. The crater itself is the source of air for breathing inside the cave. For more amazement, there is a swimming pool with warm water 24 hours a day. Three tunnels branch from the middle carven in three directions, and each one of them leads to numerous facilities inside as follows:

  • The right tunnel houses a room for physiotherapy, and another for steam bathing.
  • The middle tunnel is a place for rest after using other facilities in the Turkish cave. It comprises two smaller caves with a rainfall running in each of them creating a completely comfortable atmosphere. For utter comfort, the tunnel has been equipped with a café.
  • The left tunnel is a long and high one housing the Finnish Sauna, and the Turkish bathes. It consists of three floors in different altitudes. At the end of the Turkish bath runs a thirty meter long tunnel leading outside, and is used as emergency exit.

Our Massage centre is built inside the Caves. Professional massage specialists provide variant types of traditional massages, fit to your personal needs, as well as natural treatments for your face and body. The floating chamber and solarium are interesting treats, as is the steam sauna.

The carved rooms echo Bethlehem’s ancient history with sculptures and architectural elements from Roman, Byzantine, Crusades and Islamic eras. In the past, caves were used as living spaces. Jesus Christ himself was born in such a carved chamber and, according to the Christian tradition, he and his mother Mary took shelter in the carved-out Milk Grotto near the Nativity Church during the Massacre of the Innocents by Herod’s soldiers.