Restaurant & Bar

Start the day with a delicious complimentary buffet breakfast, including traditional and continental varieties of food. In the evenings, have a special oriental dinner, which can be enjoyed, at Al-Day’a Restaurant, in the Resorts Bedouin Tent. This carved room captures the ancient history of Bethlehem, for dining or for enjoying a cocktail.

Refresh after a swim or Turkish bath at the refreshments bar, located in the Turkish caves, serving cold and hot beverages to suit your taste.

The Resort offers all kinds of drinks and cocktails; about twenty fifive types with a special resort type. It serves all kinds of smoking Narjeelah.

An elegant restaurant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an experienced staff, is also available. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including fast food and late-night snacks.

Al Day'a Tent

Murad Resort’s tent, known as “Ad-Day’ah Tent” is designed for parties, social activities, wedding parties, presentations of movies and plays, and other events. Oriental foods and appetizers, as well as liquor and hookahs, are available in the tent. The resort offers 25 types of drinks and cocktails, including a specialty resort cocktails, along with various flavors of tobacco for smoking hookah.