New Year 2012

Murad Hotel And Resort Invites you in the occation of the New Year 2012

to spend a relaxing stay with concerts in the Murad Tourist Resort in Bethlehem, and that

is according to the following program:

30/12/2011: Establishment, D.J party night club.

31/12/2001: Establishment, Breakfast, Dinner, Party onshore of the Singer

Mahran Karim


Travel with us to the unbelivable Turkish Cave and Winter Swimming pools where recreation, relaxation and enjoyment in a stunning and sonorous atmospher of privacy and calm all the time. Along to Murad Tourist Resort for a happy and fabiolous holiday, And Happy New Year.

Trip Program

Package includes accommodation, breakfast, recreation, swimming, turkish cave  and dinner with a concert

There is a special section for women / Massge, Salon

The offer is only for couples and families

For reservations and inquiries




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